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Tales of heartfelt woe

from a ragamuffin extraordinaire

A young female about to fall into life and learn so much that I don't know that it even exists. Often alone, even with others. the mask I wear hides what you can't handle underneath in this world where I am known

You want to watch?

...Yeah, okay.

my cowboy bebop theme song is adieu

what's your cowboy bebop theme song?

Lierre's Moodthemes

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depeche mode is love

being a techie is love

theater is love

101, 80's music, a clockwork orange, addiction, american psycho, barely legal, beaches, being a techie, better off dead, big bad voodoo daddy, black and white pictures, bondage, boots, bret easton ellis, charlie chaplin, clone high, corsets, cowboy bebop, crying, cutting, daria, david gahan, dennys, depeche mode, diesel sweeties, dinner rush, doc martens, dreaming, dreams, dressing in black, drowning lessons, duct tape, easy cheese, ebay, edoardo ballerini, fairies, family guy, fantasy, fight club, final fantasy vii, fly systems, forensics, fountains, fresnels, futurama, ghostbusters 2, giggling, grosse point blank, hacky sack, hating band kids, hating dance shows, hedwig, hoodie sweatshirts, insomnia, insomniac with dave attell, jerry springer, john cusack, kingdom of loathing, kissing, lace up boots, less than zero, lierre, life, lightning, live, london, looking at stars, love, lunch boxes, martin gore, midnight, monologues, monty python, movies, music for the masses, musicals, nerdy boys, nick names, office space, pale white boys, penguins, playing in the rain, plays, psychology, questions, quotes, r.e.m., rain, recovered cutter, red elvises, reno 911, richard cheese, robert miles, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, romeo and juliet, roses, rudolph valentino, sadness, saltines, scooby doo, secretary, seinfield, sex, shivering, silence, sitting in the dark, sixteen candles, sleep, smiling, spinning in my chair, spotlight, stage managing, stars, strobe lights, sunday bloody sunday, swing dancing, swing kids, swing music, tainted love, tea, techies, technical theater, teddy bears, tequila, the 80's, the breakfast club, the moon, the ocean, the red elvises, the talented mr.ripley, the x files, theater, tiramisu, toast, toe socks, touching, trainspotting, trivial pursuit, vampires, vanilla vodka, vw jetta, walk two moons, watching people, water, wearing wings, wishing on stars, wombats, zippo lighters